"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Legacy 9.0! I'm in love!!!!

Legacy has release version 9 of its software!  I just learned about the update and I'm already in love.  There is a new search feature that searches the top genealogy websites as you enter your data into the database (I'm assuming you must be connected to the internet for this function to work).  Find a grave is now integrated into the legacy software!  Lots of ways to search, and better yet, to link to the online memorials for find a grave.  There is a story function now that allows you to add stories into your family tree (with source citations) and create that person's history.
The new comparison function allows you to compare two people to learn if they are the same person with built in algorithms to help identify similar and conflicting data.  Legacy has also added a cloud to back up your data on! Swoon!!!!!  Although I have several other clouds (OneDrive, Google), this is awesome!  I love that they can help me keep my precious research safe from the computer goblins who occasionally like to eat data!
There is so much to talk about and learn about!  Legacy has a free webinar that is 1 hour 43 minutes talking all about Legacy 9.0.

Happy Hunting!

Author's note: I am no compensated by the creators of the Legacy Family tree Software for creating this post.  This information is strictly from my own experiences with Legacy. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Book Review: The Traverse City State Hospital Training School for Nurses

Author's Note: I am not receiving compensation for this review.  

This is more of a book share rather than a review.  My dear friend, Virgina LeClaire authored the book The Traverse City State Hospital Training School for Nurses published by the History Center of Traverse City.  Ginni is a nurse and a very active member of the Grand Traverse Genealogical Society.  The book is amazing.  It describes the training and the lives that nurses who trained at the former state hospital.  The book also highlights a few individual nurses and provides biographies.  I absolutely loved the book!
The book is available through the history center and Horizon Book Store in Traverse City.  It's very worth picking up for any nurse or for anyone interested in the State Hospital or anyone who had a nurse in the family who trained there!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Home sweet Home

Well gang,
We've moved...and yes it snowed! Again.  I keep saying I will not move in the winter! HA!  But we're here in our cozy little house on Iris Lane.  :)  The kids and I love it!  The genealogy all made it here safely.  My great idea for my series of posts didn't turn out at well as I wanted.  Story of my life.  I did take the time to purge a lot of excess paper that I didn't need and I've been busy digitizing a lot of things that aren't original copies and keeping digital files instead of paper files.

So I'm on my new genealogy journey.  I'm working on my Daughters of the American Revolution application.  Mom and I attended our first meeting last weekend and I was amazed at the projects and community involvement of the society at a national and a local level!  We've been busy gathering our materials we have on hand and searching for our supporting documentation for our applications.  More to come here.

I'm on facebook now and you can find me at www.facebook.com/confessionsofageneaholic.com  I'll be updating there more informally.  I'll also be adding photos, etc.  I'm still working on the video entries.  Blogger won't allow me to upload a video over a certain size...but I may be able to add those to Facebook.  I'll keep you all updated.

I'm happy that warmer weather has returned to Norther Lower Michigan!  Time to get back out in the cemeteries and spur on the genealogy research.  It makes it even better, now my desk is in front of my slider (the non-opening side) so I have a huge window to look out when I'm working at my desk.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your genealogy projects this year.  Feel free to share in the comments what you are working on!

Happy Hunting.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Moving day approaches and ROAGK!

Here in Michigan we're buried under a couple feet of snow!!!! And it's still coming down.  It's a good day to blog and I had to take some time today away from packing and update you all on my progress.  Moving day is very close at hand for me....Like this weekend!  Most of my house is packed and I'm stepping over boxes everywhere.  I've been carefully packing away all my genealogy, but at the same time made a connection with a new genealogy cousin and added some new information to my files!  That's always exciting.  (Happy Dance!)  I've also thought a lot about all the papers I have and all my electronic files....yes I know I said I was working to reduce this, but old habits die hard.  My next big project will be to scan my papers and photos and make electronic copies and reduce...hopefully...the amount of paper I have.  I've moved all my genealogy files to my Microsoft OneDrive...(thank you Microsoft)...so I won't lose all my precious electronic files is my computer tragically dies (again).   We all know about me losing my files and losing my database file.  :( .  I'm also being more proactive about backing up my legacy file.
Anyway I digress.  So most of my genealogy is boxed up safely and ready to go!  I'll take the task of moving it personally....that way I can't get mad at anyone else if something happens to them or make my friends and family feel bad if something happens.  They all know what a Genealogy nerd I am.

My second big thought to share today is that I made my first request on the revamped Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness website!  For those who don't know yet, yes, It's back!!!!!!!!!!!  For those who didn't know it before, check it out.  www.raogk.org.  This is a volunteer based website with people who are willing to help others out with free look ups.  Make sure to read the rules before requesting please, please, please.  Sign up to volunteer!  I can't wait to see Random Acts return to it's former glory!

I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's story's and experiences with Random Acts!  Please feel free to share below if you've already been using the revamped website!

Happy Hunting to everyone!  And stay warm!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Good Bye Family Tree Maker?

Today I received an email from Ancestry.  They have announced that as of December 31, 2015 they will no longer be selling Family Tree Maker.  They are going to continue their efforts into the website.
I find this interesting.  It must have been a hard decision to come to.  I personally respect Ancestry's decision.  I will continue to use the website for my own research.  But I can also understand the frustration from it's long time users.  My best of luck to Ancestry and all it's followers through these changes.

For more info directly from Ancestry check out their Blog.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Moving with Genealogy

Hey all!
Well big news on my horizon.  I'll be moving next month into a new house.  So one of my projects will be to pack up all my genealogy work and move it safely to the new house.  Fortunately this move is going to be only across town and I don't have to worry about my work travelling long distances in boxes and crates.  But this led me to think about how I'm going to move with my research safely intact.
My first task I did was an internet search on moving with genealogy....guess what?!?  I didn't actually find a lot of advice on how to move your genealogy.  I found a lot of information about moving away from researching in one type of documentation and on ancestors moving.  All good information and advice.
So lets start a new trend topic.  How to safely move your genealogy to a new house.

I look forward to sharing this new genealogy adventure with you all!

Happy Hunting!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If these Items could talk!

Recently, I was with my mom and dad at a local antique store where we spent a great deal of time looking around. It's quite a large store we were at and I really enjoyed looking at all the items the different vendors who have areas in the store have for sale. My mom and dad were looking to add to their own collections respectively, while I just browse through the shelves. This got me thinking while I was there about the stories that some of the items in the shop could tell. This also got me thinking what a perfect tie into family history that some of these items may have made at one time. We've all heard of family air but do we all have the stories that are behind them. For example I have my great-grandmothers wedding cake plate. But I don't know much more about it. And currently there are few people left who would. No don't get me wrong, this is an item that I cherish dearly, and how much fun would it be to know a little bit more about the plate. Another example I can think of are the silver pieces that my mom has collected. Now as far as I know she is just a fan of silver pieces and of course many of them are very beautiful to look at and very ornate. However, I don't really know why she decided to start collecting silver. This I think would be an important element in the family history part of my research. An important story that I could document in my files to share with future generations when no one else is around to share the story.

So while I have not discovered the collectible that I have to have proudly displayed in my home, this leads me to think that we should all be documenting the stories behind our family's treasures. I'd love to hear your stories with your family treasures. Please share them in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from all my followers.

Happy hunting!