"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Changes in my Library

I'm sitting in my local library and I had to share with you.  The genealogy collection has always been in the back corner of the library on the second floor.  Now I don't want you to think it was in some dark and dingy corner because that is far from true.  There are beautiful huge windows over looking the lake next door to the library.  Tonight when coming with my daughter to work on some research I have found the genealogy section has moved!  It's upfront now, closer to the reference desk and it seems there is more shelf space dedicated to the genealogy collection.  There are still tables for ancestor hunters to work at as well as the two dedicated genealogy computers. 
What a pleasant surprise!

Happy Hunting all!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Famous figure eludes my research

Recently I've been researching my Great Grandma Fitzgerald's lines....nee Henrietta Berry.  Her mother's last name was Allen.  I've heard rumor that there are connections through this line to the revolutionary war figure, Ethan Allen, but, of course, his connection to my family currently eludes my research.  I'm sitting here reflecting on this as well seems this is one of my cardinal rules about genealogy.....just because someone says our family is related to famous person x doesn't mean we are.  UGH...forehead slap!  What was I thinking..yes it would be cool to link my research to all these historically famous people, but I have to forehead slap myself again for falling into that trap again! 
So lets talk a little about who Ethan Allen really was.  According to Biography.com he was a writer, a philosopher, a leader, a frontiersman and a soldier.  He was known for leading his troops, called the Green Mountain Boys, and defeating the British at Ticonderoga.  He was later captured in Montreal.  He was promoted to the rank of colonel but didn't continue his military service after his release.  Allen was born 21 Jan 1738 in Litchfield, CT and died 12 Feb 1789 in Burlington, CT.   Totally History also talks in great detail more about the conflicts that Allen served in during the war.  Allen also is credited with the founding of the state of Vermont.  It also states that his second wife's name was Fanny but doesn't mention anything about his first wife. 

So now we all know a little bit more about Ethan Allen.

Happy Hunting all!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Family that Researches Together

My parents and I have a great relationship and I have always been very close to both of them.  I feel very fortunate for that in my life.  My mom has always been a part of my genealogy world but is becoming more driven with her own family's research and now my dad has become a Find A Grave addict!  But in a good way.  My parents travel all over are area to get photos for people that are requested through Find A Grave. Ok I see two great benefits in this...the nurse and daughter in me is thrilled that Mom and Dad are out walking cemeteries and getting exercise and of course the genealogist is doing the genealogy happy dance because my Dad has been diligently working this winter to update the local rural cemeteries with information, linking family members and adding people who he has found and are not already listed as being buried in the cemetery...which leads to me.
About three weeks ago Dad sent me an email through Find A Grave to link some family members.  Ok, he called me on the phone before I saw the email.  Anyway the link contributed to information that I did not have on the Lardies...which lead me through about 3 days of hard research (there isn't much to do when you have a night off working midnight shift and everyone else is sleeping).  So I started with my Legacy file name count somewhere around 2700 people (give or take a dozen or so).  Todays count shows 2849 people in my database!  (Insert Happy Dance here!)  Of course then he gave me his notes last night....which are still hiding in my purse currently.  I can only imagine where this bought  of research will take me. Thanks Dad! :D
I have been hoping that my Dad will eventually start his own blog and share some of the wonderful stories he's shared with me helping others with their research, and of course we all know how grateful we are when someone, like Dad, helps us out with our research and doesn't ask for anything in return.  I have always tried to pay it forward when I have received such help.  If you get a change pop over to Find A Grave and check out Ogdensburg Cemetery and check out some of the memorials and leave Dad a little note of thanks on his profile for all the work he's done!

Happy Hunting all!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paperless Genealogy

I came across an article tonight about going paperless with genealogy....I can hear you all gasping now!  How can we live in our genealogy worlds without our stack and stack of paper! But in this age of being more green and being kind to Mother Earth even we as genealogists should sit up and pay our respects.  So I have decided (resolved.... seems its still January and I have yet to make any resolutions this year) that I would follow Brian Bouchard's example and become (more) paperless with my genealogy.  Before you all start to think I've lost my marbles check out Brian's blog at The Paperless Genealogist.  And while you're doing that I'm going to run downstairs and get a refill on my iced tea....oh and a few photos of my desk to show you another reason I think this is a great idea....so what did you all think?  Did you leave Brian some blog love?
Ok first of all here is my desk on a normal day...
Just so you all get the overall feel of my true desk...currently set up to make jewelry...I don't usually use my desk for genealogy anyway.

The Two Right cubbies and the binders on top are all genealogy.  There are two drawers on the right as well packed with genealogy which I currently cannot get to because my totes for craft shows are in the way.

My box of files (with the yellow tape). 

And lastly my bookcase.  The top two shelves are mainly nursing books, although the stack of magazines are a mix of genealogy and nursing magazines. The next shelf down is all genealogy then the lowest shelf in this picture are our family scrapbooks.  The bottom shelf is misc books.
Ok so you guys see why I need to go digital?  This doesn't include the stack of the most recent Family Tree Magazines next to my bed, the stash of current research under my dresser and the box of family "stuff" on the shelf in my closet.  So thanks to Brian for inspiring me to hop on the paperless wagon, declutter my life and add some sense to my genealogy.  I'll be following Brian's progress and updating you all on my progress as we go. 
Happy Hunting to you all!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Legacy...You did it again!

Author's note: I am not being compensated by legacy in any way for this posting.

Legacy, I have to say you did it again and you've blown me away with Legacy 8!  I bought Legacy 8 for myself for Christmas this year and I've had a couple weeks to work with it now.  I've also viewed the 'What's New in Legacy 8?' webinar from Legacy.
Before viewing the webinar I can say that the transition from Legacy 7.5 to Legacy was very easy for me.....everything is still in the same place.  The cosmetic look has changed, but I was still able to easily work within Legacy 8, in fact with some current research I have added close to 200 people to my files with the help of my dad's research (but that's another topic for another day).  All the previous legacy functions are still there, data is still entered the same way with many new features to gush about!
But....there are so many new tools that Geoff presented in the webinar which I'm going to talk about my favorites here!

My first new favorite is the origins report.  Using a person from your file you can see where the ancestors of that person came from.  A fun tool to see where you come from.  Here's an example of my origins report from my personal file!

The next feature I'm loving is the ability to print a label from your sources within your file!  Wow! What a great idea! I can see my self being saved a lot of hand writing in the future.  Another great addition to Legacy 8, speaking of sources, is the ability to add source citations to the pedigree charts. 
But wait...what was that they said in the beginning...shared events?!?....yes, share events!  Now it's so quick and easy to share events such as census information for all the members of the family!  No retyping the information for each member of the family!!!!
There are so many other features that Geoff talked about in the webinar.  Check it out on the Legacy website to see and learn much more!  I already loved Legacy over my previous software and now they've given me many more reasons to love them!