"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Monday, January 18, 2016

Moving day approaches and ROAGK!

Here in Michigan we're buried under a couple feet of snow!!!! And it's still coming down.  It's a good day to blog and I had to take some time today away from packing and update you all on my progress.  Moving day is very close at hand for me....Like this weekend!  Most of my house is packed and I'm stepping over boxes everywhere.  I've been carefully packing away all my genealogy, but at the same time made a connection with a new genealogy cousin and added some new information to my files!  That's always exciting.  (Happy Dance!)  I've also thought a lot about all the papers I have and all my electronic files....yes I know I said I was working to reduce this, but old habits die hard.  My next big project will be to scan my papers and photos and make electronic copies and reduce...hopefully...the amount of paper I have.  I've moved all my genealogy files to my Microsoft OneDrive...(thank you Microsoft)...so I won't lose all my precious electronic files is my computer tragically dies (again).   We all know about me losing my files and losing my database file.  :( .  I'm also being more proactive about backing up my legacy file.
Anyway I digress.  So most of my genealogy is boxed up safely and ready to go!  I'll take the task of moving it personally....that way I can't get mad at anyone else if something happens to them or make my friends and family feel bad if something happens.  They all know what a Genealogy nerd I am.

My second big thought to share today is that I made my first request on the revamped Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness website!  For those who don't know yet, yes, It's back!!!!!!!!!!!  For those who didn't know it before, check it out.  www.raogk.org.  This is a volunteer based website with people who are willing to help others out with free look ups.  Make sure to read the rules before requesting please, please, please.  Sign up to volunteer!  I can't wait to see Random Acts return to it's former glory!

I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's story's and experiences with Random Acts!  Please feel free to share below if you've already been using the revamped website!

Happy Hunting to everyone!  And stay warm!!!