"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If these Items could talk!

Recently, I was with my mom and dad at a local antique store where we spent a great deal of time looking around. It's quite a large store we were at and I really enjoyed looking at all the items the different vendors who have areas in the store have for sale. My mom and dad were looking to add to their own collections respectively, while I just browse through the shelves. This got me thinking while I was there about the stories that some of the items in the shop could tell. This also got me thinking what a perfect tie into family history that some of these items may have made at one time. We've all heard of family air but do we all have the stories that are behind them. For example I have my great-grandmothers wedding cake plate. But I don't know much more about it. And currently there are few people left who would. No don't get me wrong, this is an item that I cherish dearly, and how much fun would it be to know a little bit more about the plate. Another example I can think of are the silver pieces that my mom has collected. Now as far as I know she is just a fan of silver pieces and of course many of them are very beautiful to look at and very ornate. However, I don't really know why she decided to start collecting silver. This I think would be an important element in the family history part of my research. An important story that I could document in my files to share with future generations when no one else is around to share the story.

So while I have not discovered the collectible that I have to have proudly displayed in my home, this leads me to think that we should all be documenting the stories behind our family's treasures. I'd love to hear your stories with your family treasures. Please share them in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from all my followers.

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Trends in my Blog! AKA Confession of a Geneaholic is on You Tube!

So recently I had a great idea for my blog. As we move into the next level of online communication and blogging, I have decided video recordings. However I find that I cannot upload video recordings teaching genealogy, after some thought I have created my own YouTube channel called Confessions of a Geneaholic where you find the videos I will be creating of genealogy videos in addition to my blog about genealogy as a hobby as well as provide education for everyone out there who wants to learn about researching their genealogy as well as those of you that don't think you might have not have the time to actually research on genealogy. I'm going show you how to start, how to keep going, and how to squeeze a little bit of time into your day for research.
I'm also going to explore sharing genealogy with my children and hopefully even with their classmates as the year goes on. The kids were five and nine years old are both becoming interested in genealogy. In fact you can only guess my joy when I discovered that my nine-year-old had found a blank family group sheet and started filling in her name her birthday, her brother's name, her brother's birthday and mine and their fathers names like every proud genealogy mama I have that for hanging up on my wall and I'm excited to learn about projects to show my children and hopefully grow their interest in genealogy.
Another plan I have for all my blog followers out there in my future YouTube channel followers is to record my genealogy vacation I have planned coming up in the next year to you all can follow my adventures on trying to break down my biggest brick wall.
I can't wait to hear your ideas on what you like to hear me talk about and what you'd like to learn about in the genealogy world.

Happy hunting!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Random Acts has Returned!

When I say genealogy happy dance what genealogist doesn't  know that feeling?
Recently I typed in the website for the former website Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness In my search engine, looking for some information on the former website.. I wasn't expecting to find much on the website itself, however I was surprised that random answers back online. Those of you who are followers know I have always been a huge fan of the website, and was devastated when we found out that the founder had unexpectedly died.  The website was shut down shortly after her death. Recently the website has come back online!
Now to honor her memory I encourage all my genealogy friends out there to sign up and volunteer. The commitment isn't big the new creators asked that you follow through with one random act a month in more of course if you like what you the guidelines are the same as the former random acts website and I am encouraged to be using this website again soon
Myself. All the details on the website on how to volunteer and how to request a volunteer. I am so excited and thrilled that this invaluable tool is back online.
Make sure to share with all your genealogy friends out there that random acts of genealogy kindness has returned and encourage your friends to sign up as well. The website won't work without everybody's help.
I look forward to hearing about all the acts that you, my followers, fulfill and the ones that you receive. I'm even more excited to hear how these random acts will help each of you further your own genealogy research as well as to share my own experiences. And what better way to give back to our genealogy community and each other by volunteering to help someone else!!
The web address is www.RA0GK.org

Happy Hunting!