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-George Bernard Shaw

Friday, September 30, 2016

Book Review: The Traverse City State Hospital Training School for Nurses

Author's Note: I am not receiving compensation for this review.  

This is more of a book share rather than a review.  My dear friend, Virgina LeClaire authored the book The Traverse City State Hospital Training School for Nurses published by the History Center of Traverse City.  Ginni is a nurse and a very active member of the Grand Traverse Genealogical Society.  The book is amazing.  It describes the training and the lives that nurses who trained at the former state hospital.  The book also highlights a few individual nurses and provides biographies.  I absolutely loved the book!
The book is available through the history center and Horizon Book Store in Traverse City.  It's very worth picking up for any nurse or for anyone interested in the State Hospital or anyone who had a nurse in the family who trained there!