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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Legacy 9.0! I'm in love!!!!

Legacy has release version 9 of its software!  I just learned about the update and I'm already in love.  There is a new search feature that searches the top genealogy websites as you enter your data into the database (I'm assuming you must be connected to the internet for this function to work).  Find a grave is now integrated into the legacy software!  Lots of ways to search, and better yet, to link to the online memorials for find a grave.  There is a story function now that allows you to add stories into your family tree (with source citations) and create that person's history.
The new comparison function allows you to compare two people to learn if they are the same person with built in algorithms to help identify similar and conflicting data.  Legacy has also added a cloud to back up your data on! Swoon!!!!!  Although I have several other clouds (OneDrive, Google), this is awesome!  I love that they can help me keep my precious research safe from the computer goblins who occasionally like to eat data!
There is so much to talk about and learn about!  Legacy has a free webinar that is 1 hour 43 minutes talking all about Legacy 9.0.

Happy Hunting!

Author's note: I am no compensated by the creators of the Legacy Family tree Software for creating this post.  This information is strictly from my own experiences with Legacy. 

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