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-George Bernard Shaw

Monday, July 27, 2009

Social Networking

I was resistant for a long time on using ANY social networking site. I wouldn't even let my bestfriend put photos of my daughter on her myspace page. I don't know what really changed my mind, but I decided to try facebook one day. I may have seen it in one of the Genealogy trade magazines.
I have reconnected with family members and old friends. I haven't used much for genealogy on facebook other than joining the GenaBloggers group. I have been writing a lot of my weekly blogs based on the prompts that are sent out to the group every week. I have since become an 'offical' GeneaBlogger and have been added to the main GeneaBlogger's website. (Thanks Tom!)

About a month ago (maybe a little longer) a new social networking site popped up, one dedicated strictly to Genealogy! It is called Genealogywise (www.genealogywise.com). Of course me being me, I was a little slow to sign up for this new site as well. Eventually I signed up...about 2 weeks ago....and I have had a lot of fun checking out the groups formed and I have even formed some groups of my own. I have made 4 groups based on surnames that I am researching and I have even had 3 other people join one group and 1 person join another group! So far no family connections, but being that my groups are about a week old or less, it just takes time and patience.
I have joined some great groups on Genealogywise. Some of the groups I have joined are about Legacy users, Findagrave fans (www.findagrave.com), and those searching for Irish ancestors. I was looking at a group just this mornign about searching for Pennsylvania ancestors, which two lines of my ancestry came from, but didn't join....I'm going back when I'm done here to join!

I have, through groups I have joined on facebook, found some great instructional website links and a really good link leading to ProGenealogist's top 50 websites list, just in time to give my presentation to my genealogy society in June.

So for now, I cannot say I have had great Genealogical success as far as my own research with social networking, however I have learned about some new websites and learned about blogging by joining a social networking site. By being a part of these groups, I have been more inclinded to continue to do my research and work on my own genealogy whereas before it was something I would work on for a month or two then I would put it down for 6 or 8 months. This way it is always close to the front of my mind and I work more frequently on my research.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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