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Friday, July 22, 2011

WonderFILE Product Review

Author's Note: This post is completely the author's opinion of the product.  This review is neither solicited by the makers of the WonderFILE nor is the author being compensated for the review of this product.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to be a sucker for those "As Seen on TV" products.  Well, come to find out, many of our local stores carry many of those products.  (Just a side note, I bought the Magic Bullet blender and I love it!)

  I recently bought one of those WonderFILE, desk top organizers.

So far I really like my WonderFILE.  It folds up and is easy to take anywhere.  When it is folded it is the size of a padfolio and about 1 1/2" thick.
When unfolded the WonderFILE does take some room up, but if your room is limited you can have the upper half against the wall to reduce space. Inside there are pockets on all 4 corners and in the middle of the lower half.  Each pocket will fit regular sized pieces of paper. I found that my file folders fit very nicely in the corner pockets.  There are also pockets that I can put my pens, pencils, post-its, etc in. 

The WonderFILE will work spread out on your bed, but it doesn't have the rigity to work on. 

The WonderFILE is able to carry several of my research folders, my printed out to do list from my legacy program, a pen and pencil, and several loose pages of paper.  It does take up some table room, so either a large table is needed to open it up completely or a table with a wall to support the upper half of the when it is opened up.  The draw back is if you are somewhere space is limited for researchers, the WonderFile may not be the best tool for you at that location.

The nice thing about the WonderFILE is that it is very portable.  I have even taken it into cemeteries with me. 

Overall I do recommend the WonderFILE.

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