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-George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank you Legacy for the Online Webinars

Since Legacy has launched their online webinars the list of topics just keeps growing and growing!  My favorite ones have been about breaking down brick walls....and we all have those!....and the ones on Irish genealogy.  I have gotten so many good ideas about where to research and what to research for.  Participating in these webinars have given me renewed motivation in my research. 

The webinars are recorded and all are available for a short time for free online after the webinar is broadcast, and some are available indefinately.  All the webinars are available on CD afterwards.  I have a few that are going to be on my Christmas list this year! 

I started a notebook on my genealogy education notes for the webinars so I have a fast reference for what I've learned.  I do make sure to write down any websites the are mentioned in the webinars so I have them for reference for later.  It's supposed to be a rainy weekend here so I'm snuggling up with my kiddos, my favorite warm drink and my laptop, maybe I'll even chip away at a couple brick walls while I'm at it. 

Happy Hunting!

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