"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Monday, January 5, 2015

RNA...Royal Neighbors of America

Over the summer I was in a local cemetery with my parents and we came across this marker in the cemetery.  This wasn't one that we were familiar with so we decided to do a little research.  (Thank you smart phone!)  We discovered that this particular symbol stood for Royal Neighbors of America.  (We also decided that discussing these markers would make a good blog series.)
So what is Royal Neighbors of America?  In short it's a life insurance company.    But there's more to it than that.  It was a company founded in 1895 by nine women at a time when women could not vote (which we know didn't come until later) or purchase life insurance.  The company still exists today.  They continue to provide life insurance as well as support communities.  It's still a woman-led company and offers financial education, scholarships, legal support, health and wellness discounts, and fraternal benefits, as well as other services.  So check them out online at their website.

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