"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Trends in my Blog! AKA Confession of a Geneaholic is on You Tube!

So recently I had a great idea for my blog. As we move into the next level of online communication and blogging, I have decided video recordings. However I find that I cannot upload video recordings teaching genealogy, after some thought I have created my own YouTube channel called Confessions of a Geneaholic where you find the videos I will be creating of genealogy videos in addition to my blog about genealogy as a hobby as well as provide education for everyone out there who wants to learn about researching their genealogy as well as those of you that don't think you might have not have the time to actually research on genealogy. I'm going show you how to start, how to keep going, and how to squeeze a little bit of time into your day for research.
I'm also going to explore sharing genealogy with my children and hopefully even with their classmates as the year goes on. The kids were five and nine years old are both becoming interested in genealogy. In fact you can only guess my joy when I discovered that my nine-year-old had found a blank family group sheet and started filling in her name her birthday, her brother's name, her brother's birthday and mine and their fathers names like every proud genealogy mama I have that for hanging up on my wall and I'm excited to learn about projects to show my children and hopefully grow their interest in genealogy.
Another plan I have for all my blog followers out there in my future YouTube channel followers is to record my genealogy vacation I have planned coming up in the next year to you all can follow my adventures on trying to break down my biggest brick wall.
I can't wait to hear your ideas on what you like to hear me talk about and what you'd like to learn about in the genealogy world.

Happy hunting!

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