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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Legacy...You did it again!

Author's note: I am not being compensated by legacy in any way for this posting.

Legacy, I have to say you did it again and you've blown me away with Legacy 8!  I bought Legacy 8 for myself for Christmas this year and I've had a couple weeks to work with it now.  I've also viewed the 'What's New in Legacy 8?' webinar from Legacy.
Before viewing the webinar I can say that the transition from Legacy 7.5 to Legacy was very easy for me.....everything is still in the same place.  The cosmetic look has changed, but I was still able to easily work within Legacy 8, in fact with some current research I have added close to 200 people to my files with the help of my dad's research (but that's another topic for another day).  All the previous legacy functions are still there, data is still entered the same way with many new features to gush about!
But....there are so many new tools that Geoff presented in the webinar which I'm going to talk about my favorites here!

My first new favorite is the origins report.  Using a person from your file you can see where the ancestors of that person came from.  A fun tool to see where you come from.  Here's an example of my origins report from my personal file!

The next feature I'm loving is the ability to print a label from your sources within your file!  Wow! What a great idea! I can see my self being saved a lot of hand writing in the future.  Another great addition to Legacy 8, speaking of sources, is the ability to add source citations to the pedigree charts. 
But wait...what was that they said in the beginning...shared events?!?....yes, share events!  Now it's so quick and easy to share events such as census information for all the members of the family!  No retyping the information for each member of the family!!!!
There are so many other features that Geoff talked about in the webinar.  Check it out on the Legacy website to see and learn much more!  I already loved Legacy over my previous software and now they've given me many more reasons to love them!

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