"If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance"
-George Bernard Shaw

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Family that Researches Together

My parents and I have a great relationship and I have always been very close to both of them.  I feel very fortunate for that in my life.  My mom has always been a part of my genealogy world but is becoming more driven with her own family's research and now my dad has become a Find A Grave addict!  But in a good way.  My parents travel all over are area to get photos for people that are requested through Find A Grave. Ok I see two great benefits in this...the nurse and daughter in me is thrilled that Mom and Dad are out walking cemeteries and getting exercise and of course the genealogist is doing the genealogy happy dance because my Dad has been diligently working this winter to update the local rural cemeteries with information, linking family members and adding people who he has found and are not already listed as being buried in the cemetery...which leads to me.
About three weeks ago Dad sent me an email through Find A Grave to link some family members.  Ok, he called me on the phone before I saw the email.  Anyway the link contributed to information that I did not have on the Lardies...which lead me through about 3 days of hard research (there isn't much to do when you have a night off working midnight shift and everyone else is sleeping).  So I started with my Legacy file name count somewhere around 2700 people (give or take a dozen or so).  Todays count shows 2849 people in my database!  (Insert Happy Dance here!)  Of course then he gave me his notes last night....which are still hiding in my purse currently.  I can only imagine where this bought  of research will take me. Thanks Dad! :D
I have been hoping that my Dad will eventually start his own blog and share some of the wonderful stories he's shared with me helping others with their research, and of course we all know how grateful we are when someone, like Dad, helps us out with our research and doesn't ask for anything in return.  I have always tried to pay it forward when I have received such help.  If you get a change pop over to Find A Grave and check out Ogdensburg Cemetery and check out some of the memorials and leave Dad a little note of thanks on his profile for all the work he's done!

Happy Hunting all!

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