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-George Bernard Shaw

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Famous figure eludes my research

Recently I've been researching my Great Grandma Fitzgerald's lines....nee Henrietta Berry.  Her mother's last name was Allen.  I've heard rumor that there are connections through this line to the revolutionary war figure, Ethan Allen, but, of course, his connection to my family currently eludes my research.  I'm sitting here reflecting on this as well seems this is one of my cardinal rules about genealogy.....just because someone says our family is related to famous person x doesn't mean we are.  UGH...forehead slap!  What was I thinking..yes it would be cool to link my research to all these historically famous people, but I have to forehead slap myself again for falling into that trap again! 
So lets talk a little about who Ethan Allen really was.  According to Biography.com he was a writer, a philosopher, a leader, a frontiersman and a soldier.  He was known for leading his troops, called the Green Mountain Boys, and defeating the British at Ticonderoga.  He was later captured in Montreal.  He was promoted to the rank of colonel but didn't continue his military service after his release.  Allen was born 21 Jan 1738 in Litchfield, CT and died 12 Feb 1789 in Burlington, CT.   Totally History also talks in great detail more about the conflicts that Allen served in during the war.  Allen also is credited with the founding of the state of Vermont.  It also states that his second wife's name was Fanny but doesn't mention anything about his first wife. 

So now we all know a little bit more about Ethan Allen.

Happy Hunting all!

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